Orcas Island, “the Gem of the San Juan Islands” with its abundance of evergreen trees, is the largest of the San Juan Islands of Washington State. In the Pacific Northwest of the USA,  Orcas Island was once a primary producer of orchard fruit in Washington State.  Now Orcas Island is home to a lively community of artists, contractors, resort owners, and country folk.

Moran State Park, the largest land public access park in the San Juan Islands, occupies a large portion of Orcas Island’s eastern half providing over 30 miles of hiking trails as well as numerous campsites, sightseeing vistas, and lakes for boating and fishing.

Orcas Island also features more state and local public access parks for picnics and recreation.  Resorts, marinas, and vacation rentals can be found across Orcas Island for the benefit of seasonal and quick-trip visitors.

The local artistic community presents exhibitions and festivals throughout the year including annual gatherings and concerts by musicians from across the nation and the world.  Food is also a highly enjoyable aspect of Orcas Island with many resorts and restaurants specializing in fresh seafood as well as locally grown beef, pork, fruits, and vegetables.

Come to the Anacortes Ferry Terminal and board a Washington State Ferry to Orcas Island today.  It’s a delightful and refreshing experience not to be missed.  Discover the San Juan Islands!